Ski Amade - Made my Day!

Ich trau es mir fast nicht zu sagen... Aber auch ich, als waschechte Gebirglerin, habe bis zu meinen Erlebnistag letzte Woche noch NIE von den großartigen #skiamademademyday Packages gehört! SHAME ON ME... Und dabei hab' ich echt was verpasst. Die Id... Read More


We have already presented our personal favs at the beginning of 2018. Today we would like to pick out one very special trend you can’t really go without this upcoming spring / summer.   Bei der NY FW letzte Woche bereits das It-Piece bei allen In... Read More

Paris, mon Amour.

February stands for Fashionweeks. NYC - London - Milano - Paris. I should actually be in NYC with Marina and the gang enjoying NYC Fashionweek. However this year I decided to skip the first two weeks in order to fully concentrate on our moving missio... Read More

Asymmetric Skirts

Asymmetric skirts are an absolute MUST HAVE for the upcoming spring season. But already on warmer winter days like we experienced recently you can easily wear a skirt like this H&M beauty i bought a few weeks ago.Generally speaking, when buying s... Read More

My magical Peeling

A lot of you have asked - now I’m ready to sum up the naked truth about my chemical peeling I did a few weeks ago. I received tons of messages about my little behind the scenes peek via IG stories. Of course I wasn’t looking as „pretty“ and „neat“ as... Read More

Perfect Glow to Go

This treatment is great for a fresh and even skin tone. Especially for the upcoming Ball season to better keep your glamorous make-up! As well as, a pretty and natural look! The goal of this treatment is to superficially remove all skin dead cells an... Read More