When you´re not sure anymore in what town you wake up, it´s definitely a warning sign that you need a short break!!

YES, this is what happened to me last week.. As when I got up at 4am and tried to go to the bathroom, I ended up in a completely different room… I simply didn´t know in what flat or hotel I was in at that moment.. And that kinda scared me! 


I had so much to do and travelled so much the last couple of weeks that I already felt kinda weak.. But I know I had to keep going and do everything to go on!! 

Well well, my body didn´t think so and I ended up having fever.. This meant – I HAD TO STOP and even cancel my trip to Berlin on short notice! Anyways, I still did the awesome job with Atomic. We kicked off the winter season 2018/2019 via Facebook Live and I think we really rocked it!


After the Atomic job it was time to get out and enjoy the time with my love. Georg and I decided to drive down to Milan for a couple of days and enjoy the Italian fall as much as possible!

So, this week will be more relaxing and some much needed time with Georg is due after 2 months of travelling and not really seeing each other! Aaaaaand after this week, there´s just one thing to say: NYC CALLING!

Until then, have a great week and keep on rocking! xx K


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Karin is the founder and the face of Constantly K. Next to her career as host, she travels the world, visits all fashion weeks and keeps you updated about what´s happening – CONSTANTLY!

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