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Nuriel Molcho: Hatmaker, Fashion-Lover, Cosmopolitan, Family Guy, Visonary.

Only 6 months ago Nuriel started with his own little business Nomade Moderne – designing hats . His journey kicked off at home, in his apartment but the demand and response is incredible hence why he opened his pop up store right in the middle of NASCHMARKT in Vienna next to Neni Restaurant which is run by his family. (is this english – no it isnt hahha yeah it’s perfect how you said it too jaja). He produces and sells tailormade hats and the cool thing is they are totally affordable especially giving the fact that they are aaaaall handmade and picked and designed by him.

Karin: Back to where it all started – Why did you start designing hats? N: Well it all started because i wanted my OWN hat. I had a vision in my head but i couldn’t find that one hat i imagined. I decided to go to a very well knowed hat manufacturer in Vienna (MÜHLBAUER) and asked whether they could produce this one hat i had in mind. Unfortunately my “request” got denied… then i met a really cool guy in munich obviously wearing a cool hat and i asked him straight away where he got his hat from and he answered me.. well i did this one by myself.

K: how did it go from there: N: The guy from Munich attended a proper hat-making class. I really liked the idea so i decided to write to Mühlbauer again – i didn’t want to give up and with a lot of persuasion i managed to design my very own hat with the manufacturer (is that what you meant? before it said right day the manufactory.)

“my first hat was totally bulky and twisted – but i proudly wore it”

K: probably THE key to success – to keep on going and obviously believing in your visions and dreams… so what did the first hat look like? N: weeeeeelll strange to be honest. Twisted not entirely right haha but i was so proud of my very first design and i of course wore it straight away. And believe it or not people responded immediately . They like this kinda bulky rough style i created. and then i knew – this is kinda the direction i am aiming for. And then it went on from there. I started to design. My gf Audrey helped me sewing. First orders arrived and kept on coming ….

You mentioned “Vagabond” – is this also why you named your company – nomade moderne? N:Yes exactly. I wanted my initials to be included int the brand NM in the first place. I love travelling and therefore i feel like a modern nomade.

K: So you decided to go for it. You opened this store in the middle of Vienna where you follow your passion designing hats. Is there anything you can say to motivate our readers in case they are thinking of becoming self employed or doing something similar to what you did ? N: you just have to go for it and never ever regret your decision. Even if you make mistakes; you should learn from those things you haven’t done right and not waste too much time on those negative things. You will always make mistakes especially if you are aiming to to be perfect. Only if you keep working on yourself and your visions/dreams you can reach your goals – even if they change along the way!

“no matter how many times you fall, you always have to get up!”

K: We loooove to hear that since we follow a similar mindset / philosophy with constantlyk. You can tell that you love what you do and at the end of the day this is what it’s all about. Talking about background – family support has an huge impact on your life, right? N:absolutely.. we are a bunch of 4 brothers and up until we were 15 we shared a room together. Because of that we have a very special bond. We are not only brothers we are best friends. Nobody is jealous, we are all on the same page/level! Our parents always motivated us to try extreme sports and i’m convinced that this has had a huge impact on our lives nowadays. Back in the days we knew – no matter how many times you fall, you always have to get up and keep on going. You get taught that you are responsible for your journey and what it means to succeed – no matter where in life. In this is why we are where we are today.

K: It’s incredible that you are only running your business for half a year and already – EVERYBODY is talking about you and your brand! N: i was always into fashion. It was more of a coincidence than a full-on plan or strategy i was following. I can imagine that i will produce more products with my brand. Nice scarfs jackets etc. Things that are a fit for my brand.

K: So reflecting on what you have told us so far – you are not that kind of a person who strictly follows 3 year plan for example? N: nope not at all. it is important to have visions and dream BUT i do set smaller goals  – like now i am aiming for my store to run. I trust my intuition and go with my gut- you just have to be flexible.

K: how do you advertise your brand? N: Instagram def. is one of the biggest marketing tools i’m using. What’s important to me is the visual composition of the pictures. I would like to show my followers emotions with a certain style. I received plenty of enquiries through social media but at the end of the day my clients and i love the personal exchange  when someone comes to visit me in my store. It’s a pleasure then designing with the client the hat they had imagined or had been trying to find.

K: One thing we have to mention – given the fact that all your hats are tailored and handmade the costs per hat are around 250,- euro – is this something you want to stick to? N:Absolutely – i will certainly stick to that price. IF somebody wants to add accessories such as jewellery or something special we will adapt the price BUT it is really important to me that my hats are affordable.

„This could be my last day, I´m gonna live it to the fullest!“

K: lets talk aboout your daily inspiration?  do you have like a favorite city where you seek your inspo from? N: I gotta say Tel Aviv is on top of my list, due to my family background i have visited this fascinating city numerous of times. In general i m a huge fan of contrast and you can have tons of that in tel aviv. Since this area is still a war zone, you can tell that all the locals have one goal / credo „This could be my last day, I´m gonna live it to the fullest!“ With me its difficult to define MY FAVORITE city since i love to travel. Even downtown LA is an awesome source for inspiration as well as vienna.

K: talking about vienna – what makes vienna so special? N: i am happy that vienna has changed in the past few years. It used to be very narrow minded and this has changed.
i always used to dress different and when it comes to outfits vienna is more open minded. thank god! I would still appreciate more individuality.

K: what’s your favorite store in vienna: N: The best store for avantgarde style i’m really into – there is only one store in town: Eigensinnig.

K: your favorite hang outs? N: Rooftops in Vienna, at home and Rupertus Bar in the first district. It’s so cool and so tiny but this is what i love because you always get in some kind of conversation 🙂

WOW – thanks nuriel for this cool interview and your insider tips. We wish you all the best for you business – we will of course keep on following you and NM!

Interview: Karin Kaswurm, Text: Caro Eisl, Bilder: Caro Eisl / Instagram Nomade Moderne


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    • Michael -

    • 13 October 2017 at 19:33 pm

    Finde ich toll das sich junge Menschen wieder diesen Handwerk annehmen. Werde bald vorbei schauen. Falls Samstag auch geöffnet ist.

    • Alfa -

    • 01 February 2018 at 01:11 am

    Hi Nuriel, das ist wirklich faszinierend und es freut mich, dass man auch ohne ‚3-jährige-ausbildung‘ zum Hut-Profi werden kann.
    Ich suche seit einiger Zeit einen passenden Kurs, weil ich selber Hüte liebe und sie selbst herstellen möchte.
    Würden Sie irgendwann mal einen Kurs anbieten? Oder kann man das bei Ihnen im Store erlernen? Würde mich sehr interessieren 🙂
    Weiterhin alles Gute und wir sehen uns bald im store.
    Lg, Alfa

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